about us

our story:

I never gave much thought to the products I was bringing into my home or putting on my skin - grabbing whatever was on sale at the local drugstore. 

Then I started paying attention. I noted I could not pronounce the ingredients of my daily moisturizer. I learned about the harmful ways in which we source these ingredients: the unnecessary pollution to natural habitats, the unfair trading practices and the cruelty to animals. Not to mention, the damage to our skin. 

This learning could not be ignored, and the guilt of contributing to these problems compelled me to do something about it. Why not start with soaps - a simple product we use every day. I spent countless hours researching soap making techniques, seeking natural ingredients and connecting with farmers and local crafts workers. 

Today, we are proud to offer products with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients from all around the world that are kind to your skin and our planet (& that you can pronounce!). 

As our learning continues, so does our story.

Thanks for joining us.


our vision:

I spent the greater part of my twenties as a social worker, supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities. Helping those less fortunate and caring for our communities has always been a part of my core beliefs. That is why future goals for darsbars include; offering employment opportunities to people living with intellectual disabilities, as well as continuing to donate to those in our community through a portion of sales.